This blog is primarily a space to share my personal reflections living as an Asian-American ¬†woman in rural Malaysia. Learning more about another country, culture, and people often times gives me more clarity to who I am, my own society, and its values. So as the title of my blog suggests, we “mirror” and reflect the same dreams, ideals, weaknesses and strengths, but fail to recognize them. My interactions with others no matter how “foreign” or “afar” shows me how our similarities most of often outnumbers our differences. I hope to bridge the gap of understanding, empathy, and ignorance I so¬†easily fall into by taking the time to internalize and reflect on my 10 month stay in Malaysia, instead of just rushing through the daily grind of living abroad. This journey is just as much about navigating the cultural nuances of a foreign country as it is about my own soul searching and self discovery.



My name is Esther Kang and I am a recent college graduate on a Fulbright ETA grant in Malaysia. As a reluctant and first-time blogger I’m skeptical that I will consistently update this blog, but I hope this new year’s resolution will last longer than my mosquito bites!